• Closeup of a pulled pork sandwich with fries on the side
  • Closeup of a platter of  grilled ribs with onions, pickles and toast on the side


Welcome to The Creek Bottom!  At Creek Bottom Burgers &BBQ, we believe in good quality food. 

We started our journey as a food truck in August of 2016, in hopes of providing the best grilled onion smash burger on wheels. We expanded our operation into a brick and mortar in February of 2020. What we didn't know, was the world was definitely about to test us. We invite you to come eat with us!   

Fresh Ingredients

Casual shouldn't mean stale food options. Great taste is the name of the game, and we're committed to stepping up to the plate. We are dedicated to providing fresh options for our customers.

Our signature Hand Cut Fries

You will be tracking us down just for our Hand Cut Fries! They are crispy and salty, just to perfection. It's all in the care of our awesome chef, Chase, who takes the extra time to make them so DELICIOUS. You will be back for more!